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Over 100 Hawaiian Inspired Names For Your Male Dog

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If you are looking for a cool name for your dog you could do worse than pick a Hawaiian inspired name.

aloha cup

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The following is a list of names that would be suitable for male dogs, these include boys names, objects and other names. There are plenty of other names you could look at, simply get a Hawaiian to English dictionary and you can find many topics that we have not even listed here.

Hawaiian male dog list

Ahe means “softly blowing breeze”

Aheahe means “Softly blowing breeze”

Akamai means “smart, clever.”

Akamu means “ Of The Earth”

Akela means “graceful and noble”

Akoni means “Inestimable, priceless”

Alemana means “warrior”

Aolani means “heavenly or distinguished”

Aouli means “beautiful cloud”

Bane means “long awaited child”

Ekewaka means “derived from ekemona, wealthy protector.”

Etana means “strong”

Haikili meaning “In Hawaiian mythology, Haikili is the god of thunder.”

Haku means “overseer”

Hanale means “Ruler of an estate”

Hani means “To move lightly; to touch”

Hanini means “to pour down like rain”

Haulani means “royal ruler”

Healani means “haze from heavens”

Hele means “Move, go, travel”

Hina means “To fall, topple over from an upright position”

Honu means “Turtle”

Hula means “The dance of Hawaii”

Iakopa means “Holding the heel”

Ikaia means “Salvation of the Lord”

Ioane means “God is gracious”

Iokua means “God is salvation”

Iolana means “soaring like a hawk”

Kahawai means “river; stream.”

Kahiau means “extremely generous”

Kahikilani means “is arrival of the chief”

Kahikina means “The east; the coming, arrival”

Kahiko meaning “Kahiko-Lua-Mea is a god in Hawaiian mythology, who was once a chief on the Earth and lived in Olalowaia.”

Kaholo means “Nimble or light footed”

Kahoni means “the kiss”

Kahula means “dancing.”

Kahuna means “a respected person who has moral authority in society; a “priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession”

Kai means “from the sea”

Kaiholo means “from the Hawaiian words ‘kai', which means ‘sea', and ‘holo', which means ‘running'.”

Kaikane means “derived from the Hawaiian words ‘kai', which means ‘sea', and ‘kane', which means ‘male'.”

Kaimana means “power of the sea”

Kainalu means “ocean that billows”

Kaipo means “sweetheart”

Kalama means “The Torch” also Kalama Valley is located in Hawaii Kai on the eastside of Oahu.

Kalani means “from the heavens.”

Kaleho means “the proud day” and also is the name of two towns: one on the South shore of Kauai in Koloa, and the other on Oahu's Eastern side in Kailua

Kalei means “happiness”

Kaleo means “sound, voice”

Kalino means “Bright one”

Kalua means “to cook in an underground oven.” or the “the second child”

Kamaka means “a child”

Kamalei means “Beloved child”

Kamuela means “the one who hears god”

Kana means “A Maui demigod who could take the form of a rope and stretch from Molokai to Hawaii”

Kane meaning “is the highest of the four major Hawaiian deities.”

Kaniela means “God is my judge”

Kanye means “free”

Kapa means “Cloth made from the bark of the wauke tree”

Kapena means “captain”

Kapono means “the good one”

Kapueo means “owl.”

Kapula means “Prayers”

Kaui means “beautiful or youthful”

Kawai means “coming from the water”

Kawikani means “The strong one”

Keahi means “flames”

Keahilani means “The fire of heaven”

Keala means “fragrant or perfumed”

Kealani means “clear skies”

Kealohi means “shining one”

Kealohilani means “bright heaven”

Keanu means “the cool breeze”

Keao means “the light of day.”

Keawe means “thread”

Keikelani means “heaven”

Kekoa means “the brave one”

Kelani means “heaven”

Keola means “The life, the health, the well-being”

Keone means “The sand” or a way of referring to the homeland

Kepano means “garland or crown”

Kilo means “to watch, observe, examine or forecast.”

Kilohana means “great”

Kimo means “Jim” or “James”

Kini means “abundance”

Koa means “fighter or warrior” or refers to the Acacia Koa, a species of flowering tree that is found in the Hawaiian Islands

Konane means “Glow Like Moonlight”

Kukane means “Like a man”

Kupuna means “Grandparent, ancestor”

Kumu means “Tree”

Lanakila means “victory”

Leialoha means “darling child”

Likeke means “courageous ruler.”

Lopaka means “bright flame”

Lupo means “wolf”

Mahina means “moon, moon-light”

Maka means “Eye”

Makai means “one who goes toward the sea”

Makaio means “Gift of God”

Makana means “Gift, present”

Makani means “the wind.”

Makanui means “eye of greatness”

Makoa means “bold, brave man.”

Manu means “Bird”

Maui meaning in Hawaiian mythology was a trickster who created the Hawaiian Islands. It is the name of the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands

Moana means “Ocean”

Moku means “Island”

Nalu means “Wave, surf”

Nani means “Pretty”

Niu means “Coconut”

Noelani means “mist from heaven”

Nohea means means “lovely” or “handsome”

Ori means “my light”

Pali means “Cliff, a steep hill or slope”

Pau means “Finished, ended, all done”

Peni means “a homestead near the bent grass plain”

Pika means “rock”

Polua means “Disturbance produced by conflicting currents of air or water; veering winds or tides.”

Poma means “apple”

Pua means “Flower”

Puna means “a water spring”

Pupule means “Crazy”

Uluwehi means “well-growing, lush plants”

Tua means “behind”

Waikiki means Waikiki Beach is a neighborhood of Honolulu

Wakea is known as the sky father. Mauna Kea is known to many Hawaiians as Mauna O Wakea or Ka Mauna A Kea (Wakea's Mountain).

Wikiwiki means “Fast or speedy”


Make sure you pick a name that you can pronounce to avoid confusing your dog when you are communicating with it

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