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Star Wars Cat Names : feel the power of the dark side

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A popular topic for a cat name is the Star Wars universe, I grew up loving these films and although I will not get into a debate with regards the quality of the latest 2 films , the names of characters, places, starships and just general terminology is a popular topic for naming things. Your cat is no different, so in this article we have a few names inspired by the Star Wars universe.

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This is not a definitive list, if you are a Star Wars fan you may well have a name not listed but this is our list split into male, female and random categories

Male Cat names

anakin – Anakin Skywalker
ben – As in Ben Solo or it could be Ben Kenobi
boba – Boba fett the bounty hunter
chewie – from chewbacca
dooku – Ex jedi who turned to the dark side of the force
ezra – From the Rebels cartoon series
finn – From the sequel trilogy
ford – Harrison Ford who played Han Solo
han – The smuggler Han Solo, one of the good guys. Is your cat a bit of a rogue
jango – Jango fett, another bounty hunter
jarjar – Not sure this would be a popular name with fans.
lando – The smuggler and rebel hero, Lando who is recalled in the last Skywalker movie
kylo – A reference to Kylo Ren from the sequel trilogy
luke – The hero of the original trilogy, good
mace – Inspired by Mace Windu, a jedi master
mark – Mark Hamill who played luke
maul – As in Darth Maul the Sith lord from the Phantom Menace and Solo: A Star Wars Story
obi – As in Obi wan kenobi
poe – The resistance pilot from the sequel trilogy
rex – A clone trooper who appeared in The Clone Wars and Rebels series
sheev – the first name of Emperor Palpatine
tarkin – As in Moff Tarkin who appeared in the original movie, Rogue One and also the rebels cartoon series
wedge – Wedge Antilles who was a rebel pilot that fought in various battles
wicket – An ewok from the Return of the Jedi
yoda – Everyone's favorite little Jedi master, also a nod to baby yoda from the popular Mandalorian series

Female Cat names

cara – Cara Dune who is in the latest Mandalorian series
carrie – To the actress Carrie fisher who played Princess Leia
Jyn – Jyn Erso who appears in Rogue One
leia – One of the main stars from the original trilogy and the sequels
maz – A space pirate who appears in the sequel trilogy
padme – As in Padme amidala who married Anakin and was Luke and Leia's mother
phasma – A female officer who commands the First Order's legions of stormtroopers
princess – A nod to the Leia entry earlier on
qira – A Corellian thief and Han Solo's first love who appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story
rey – One of the new characters from the sequel trilogy, good one for a female cat obviously although it could also be Ray for a male cat
rose – A character in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker
sabine – A character in Rebels
tano – This is named after Ahsoka Tano who was a Jedi Padawan in the Clone Wars animated series and also featured in Rebels

Various ideas

3PO – Of course this is for C3PO the droid who appeared in the films.
babu – Babu Frik from the Last Skywalker film (which I want to forget about)
count – as in Count dooku
crait – Small mineral planet where the remaining Resistance forces flee in The Last Jedi.
droopy – a member of a band that was in Jabba's palace in the Return of the Jedi
endor – Home of the ewoks as featured in Return of the Jedi
ewok – Is your cat cute and brownish.
falcon – I'm thinking about the Millenium Falcon here, the most famous ship from the movies
force – The energy field that connected everything in the universe.
ghost – A ship that appeared in Rebels.
hoth – ice planet and base for the Rebel Alliance in Empire Strikes back
jabba – Not sure this would be a complement to call your cat this
jakku – A planet which features in the sequel trilogy
Jawa – Jawa's are creatures that inhabit Tatooine and can be seen in Star Wars : A new hope
jedi – The main protagonists in the Star Wars universe, members of the Jedi Order
kamino – Ocean planet where the clone army was created
naboo – A planet where Padme was born and features heavily in the Phantom Menace movie
R2 – Again this is another of our favorites, R2D2. This would probably be easier to say.
rebel – The rebels in the Star Wars trilogy – maybe your cat has a rebellious side
ren – The knights of ren or Kylo Ren
rogue – As in rogue squadron
sith – Does your cat have a dark side to it
snoke – The Supreme Leader of the first order who appears in the sequel movies
yavin – The rebel base in the Star Wars : A new hope movie

So there you have a collection of Star Wars themed names that you can use to name your cat , we hope you liked these.

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