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The dog names that are on Paw Patrol

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PAW patrol is a popular animated series for the kids which features some dogs.

Some of these dog characters are perfect for your own dog, especially if you have kids and they are fans of the series. Even better if you have one of the dog species that features. If you do not know the names or species we will tell you these below along with the other characters

PAW Patrol charactersPAW Patrol characters @alinabuzunova via Twenty20


Original members

Marshall is a clumsy but competent Dalmatian who serves as the firefighter and paramedic dog. He wears a red uniform and red helmet.

Rubble is a bulldog who serves as a construction dog. His main color is yellow due to his costume and hat.

Chase is a German Shepherd who serves as a police and spy dog. His main color is deep blue. He wears a police hat and rides in a police themed car.

Rocky is a grey-and-white mongrel who serves as a recycling dog. His main color is green and uses a claw to pick up items that can be recycled and re-used.

Zuma is a chocolate Labrador retriever who serves as an aquatic rescue pup. His main color is orange and his vehicle is a hovercraft

Later members

Robo-Dog is a robotic dog. He serves as the driver for the PAW Patroller and the pilot for the Air Patroller.

Everest is a Siberian Husky who serves as a snow rescue dog in emergencies relating to snow or ice. Her vehicle is a snowmobile.

Tracker is a brown-and-white Chihuahua who serves as a jungle rescue pup. His vehicle is a Jeep. He has a dark green hat and vest.

Other characters

Ryder is a 10-year-old boy and the leader of the PAW Patrol.

Skye is a cockapoo who serves as an aviator.

Cap'n Turbot is a smart marine biologist who frequently speaks in alliterations

Mayor Goodway is the mayor of Adventure Bay who lives at the City Hall.

Chickaletta is Mayor Goodway's pet chicken that she carries around in her purse, even getting into mischievous antics.

Francois Turbot is Cap'n Turbot's cousin and research partner, who lives with him in the Seal Island lighthouse. He works as a zoologist, artist, and nature photographer. He has a thick French accent and often uses French phrases in place of English words.

Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of Foggy Bottom and the main antagonist of PAW Patrol. He is the arch-rival of Mayor Goodway and will do anything to be “on top”.

The Kitten Catastrophe Crew are a villainous faction owned and led by Mayor Humdinger.

Mr. Porter is a restaurant owner in Adventure Bay as well as the grandfather of Alex Porter.

Alex Porter is a young boy who lives in Adventure Bay and is Mr. Porter's grandson. He is rather impatient.

Katie is a young girl about Ryder's height who works at the Adventure Bay pet parlor. She is loving and caring and also has a pet cat named Cali.

Jake is a snowboarder from Adventure Bay who operates the snowboarding resort and is the caretaker of Everest.

Farmer Yumi is a farmer in Adventure Bay. She is the wife of Farmer Al. She cares greatly for her animals such as Bettina, Garbie, and her chickens.

Farmer Al is the farmer of Moo Juice Dairy Farm in Adventure Bay. He is the husband of Farmer Yumi.

Carlos is a young boy. He is Ryder's pen pal from the Jungle, and is the caretaker of Tracker.

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