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Over 100 Harry Potter inspired names for your new dog

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The Harry Potter books and movies are a rich source of naming ideas for your new dog, there are an abundance of male and female characters, fictional beasts as well as many other fictional names that you can use. Fans of the books will have their favorites like Hairy Potter below

mr potter

mr potter – @allisonjoelle via Twenty20

Anyway on with our list of names we have put together more than 100, if you are fans of the books you can probably come up with many more. We have also put in a little context for the name  – although if you are a fan you will probably already know this.

List of Harry Potter Names

Name Description
Aberforth is Albus Dumbledore's younger brother and a former member of the Order of the Phoenix.
Alastor is a former Auror. He has a wooden leg, a magical artificial eye, and a chunk taken out of his nose. He was a pivotal member of the original Order of the Phoenix.
Albus Also known as Professor Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts
Alecto sister of Amycus Carrow, is a Death Eater.
Alohomora is a spell that is used to opens locks on doors and windows.
Amelia is the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the Ministry of Magic.
Amos the father of Cedric Diggory. He is the head of the Department of Magical Transportation, in the Ministry of Magic, and he works with Arthur Weasley.
Andromeda Andromeda (Black) Tonks,
Angelina Angelina Johnson is a member of Gryffindor House. She plays Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Animagus a witch or wizard with the rare ability to transform into a particular animal at will
Antonin Antonin Dolohov was a wizard and one of the original Death Eaters of Lord Voldemort
Arabella She was a Squib, a member of the Order of the Phoenix
Aragog An Acromantula, which is a rare giant spider whose venom is very useful. He was raised by Hagrid.
Dumbledore See the entry for Albus.
Arithmancy a method of divination by numbers. They assigned values to the letters in the names of combatants to foretell the outcome of battles.
Azkaban a fortress on an island in the middle of the North Sea. It serves as a prison for convicted criminals
Augusta Neville Longbottom's grandmother.
Auror An auror is a dark wizard/witch catcher who are part of the Ministry of Magic and sometimes used as bodyguards for important people
Aurora a British witch who taught in the Astronomy department at Hogwarts
Bartemius This can be Bartemius Crouch Senior, father of Bartemius Crouch Jr, the former head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation at the Ministry of Magic who was killed by Bartemius Crouch Jr.
Barty see above
Bagshot Professor Bathilda Bagshot was a magical historian who wrote A History of Magic
Beedle A collection of fairytales written by wizards and witches.
Bell Katie Bell a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts
Bellatrix A witch and death eater loyal to Lord Voldemort. Bellatrix Lestrange is Sirius Black's cousin, and sister to Narcissa Malfoy and Andromeda Tonks
Boggart an amortal shape-shifter that takes on the form of it's observer's worst fear.
Bones See the entry for amelia
Buckbeak a male hippogriff who lived with Hagrid.
Cedric is Seeker and Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.
Charity the Professor of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts
Crookshanks Hermione's pet cat.
DeathEater A follower of Lord Voldemort.
Diagon For Diagon Alley.
Diggle Dedalus Diggle was a member of the Order of the Phoenix in both the first and second wars against Voldemort
Diggory Cedric Diggory was a Hufflepuff student who was killed by Voldemort.
Dobby A house elf who served the Malfoy family but was later freed by Harry Potter.
Draco For Draco Malfoy, Harry's arch-nemisis.
Dudley Harry's obese cousin.
Fang Hagrid's boarhound who accompanied him in the Second Wizarding War.
Fawkes a highly intelligent male phoenix and Dumbledore's defender.
Figg She was a Squib, a member of the Order of the Phoenix
Filch a Squib and the caretaker of Hogwarts
Fleur Fleur attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She was Beauxbatons' champion in the Triwizard Tournament
Flitwick The Charms professor at Hogwarts School. He is also Head of Ravenclaw House
Fluffy A giant three-headed dog that guarded the philosopher's stone.
Gellert a wizard who is considered to be one of the most dangerous Dark Wizards of all time
Gideon A member of the original Order of the Phoenix.
Gilderoy Gilderoy Lockhart is a wizarding celebrity who has written many books on his adventures encountering dark creatures. He is appointed as Hogwarts new Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor.
Ginny Ron's sister. She's becomes a professional Quidditch player.
Godric As per the entry for Gryffindor
Gornuk a goblin who went into hiding with Griphook to avoid capture by the Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic
Grawp Hagrid's half-brother.
GreyLady Helena Ravenclaw also known as the Grey Lady, was a witch and Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter
Grimmauld a street in London mostly inhabited by Muggles
Gringotts the only bank of the wizarding world whichis owned and run by goblins
Griphook a Goblin
Gryffindor one of the four Houses of Hogwarts and was founded by Godric Gryffindor
Hagrid the gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts
Hallow For the Deathly Hallows.
Harry As in the main character
Hedwig Harry's loyal pet owl.
Hermione daughter of two Muggle dentists and one of Harry's best friends
Helena Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter
Helga As in Helga Hufflepuff
Hoggy A nickname for Hogwarts
Hogsmeade Hogsmeade Village
Hogwarts Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ,
Horcrux an object which has a fragment of a soul for the purpose of attaining immortality
Hufflepuff one of the four Houses of Hogwarts and is named after a Welsh witch called Helga Hufflepuff who founded Hogwarts
Lily Lily Potter is Harry’s deceased mother
Longbottom Professor Neville Longbottom is a pure-blood wizard
Lovegood Surname of loyal Luna, and whose father published The Quibbler. magazine
Lucius Father of Draco Malfoy, and a known rich person and Death Eater.
Luna As in Luna Lovegood
Lupin Surname of Remus, werewolf, professor, and original Marauder.
Malfoy the surname of a wealthy pure-blood wizarding family and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight
Minerva Professor at Hogwarts. She is also Head of Gryffindor House and Deputy Headmistress.
Molly Molly Weasley, mother of the Weasley clan
Muggle a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born in a magical family
Mundungus a wizard who lived in the underworld, a dealer of stolen merchandise and controlled substances
Mungo St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
Newt For Newt Scamader.
Nimbus Nimbus Racing Broom Company
Norbert Hagrids pet dragon
Padfoot Sirius Black's Animagus form
Peverell Harry Potter is the direct descendant of Ignotus Peverell
Pixie small, mischievous, semi-intelligent creatures, native to Cornwall
Potter As in harry and other famous members of his family
Prongs James Potter's Animagus form
Puddlemere Puddlemere United is a Quidditch team that plays in the British and Irish Quidditch League.
Quibbler is a tabloid newspaper of the Wizarding World. The Quibbler is written by Xenophilius Lovegood, father of Luna Lovegood
Quidditch That most popular sport which is played on broomsticks.
Ravenclaw is one of the four Houses of Hogwarts
Remus one of the four Marauders
Riddle Tom Marvolo Riddle later known as Lord Voldemort or alternatively as You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, or the Dark Lord
Rowena As in Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the four Founders of Hogwarts
Rufus the Minister of Magic
Salazar Founder of the Slytherin House of Hogwarts.
Scabbers Animagus form of Peter Pettigrew, a rat. Also known by his nickname Wormtail
Scorpius Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy was a pure-blood wizard and the son of Draco and Astoria Malfoy
Seamus an Irish half-blood wizard, son of Muggle Mr Finnigan and Irish witch Mrs Finnigan.
Severus As in Severes Snape
Sirius Harry's godfather, able to transform into a large black dog.
Slughorn a Pure-blood wizard, the Potions master and Head of Slytherin House at Hogwarts. He was Potions Professor for over fifty years.
Slytherin is one of the four Houses of Hogwarts, named for founder Salazar.
Snape Potions Master, Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Head of Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Tiberius a wizard and the uncle of Cormac McLaggen. Tiberius worked at the Ministry of Magic
Tonks an Auror, and a member of the Order of the Phoenix
Viktor An international Quidditch player
Weasley one of the prominent wizarding families including Harry's friend Ron.
Wormtail See scabbers
Vincent Vincent Crabbe
Yaxley A common Death Eater.



We hope you enjoyed this list, as always you should pick a name that is easy for you to say, not to similar to a command you may say to your dog and one that is not to confusing

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